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For people outsite the Netherlands this new page, for a little extra information about this website. I am Karin Robberse, author of some creative books and now fulltime busy with Polymer Clay, in Holland we use most FIMO Soft.


This site contains lots of information about making and wearing polymer clay beads and jewelry.


I hope the pictures will inspire you to make the beads yourselve.

For those who love them, but donít want to make them, there is a shop with these beads, click on the chart.


For making the beads and jewelry you find on this page, we sell all you need in our shop too, things like (ofcourse) the FIMO clay,

Tools, Beadrollers, blades and also jewelry findings.


Feel free to ask me questions by mail, mostly you get an answer

The same day, sometimes it takes a day or some longer.


We ship within Europe for Ä 2,95 and Worldwide for Ä 3,75 all in,

Excluding the extra amount of weight of the clay, thatís the only item on the store that cost you more shipping and sending.

You can buy as many as you want for the standard shipping price.


Hope you have fun on this site,


Greetings Karin Robberse